LLM Wizards


Our practice encompasses all aspects of the overseas undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral degrees. We deliver a full range of services which apply to the aforementioned levels, working with multi-disciplinary teams of professionals from our specialist groups, ensuring a quality, multi-faceted and seamless service for our clients. Our preparedness to vision beyond the conventional and ahead of our peers gives us the edge, enabling us to excel in what we do with results that speak for themselves.

Our people are experts in their fields, and we have the depth of resources across multiple practice areas to provide unrivalled quality of offerings. It’s not just law at LLM Wizards; your needs are our needs

A non-exhaustive list of courses where we can comfortably claim ownership are listed below:

  1. Art & Design
  2. Philosophy
  3. Engineering and Technology
  4. Medicine
  5. Dentistry
  6. Psychology
  7. Accounting & Finance
  8. Business and Management Studies
  9. Law and legal Studies
  10. Political Sciences
  11. Social Policy & Administration
  12. Economics & Econometrics
  13. Environmental Studies
  14. Management
  15. Social Sciences

Broadly, we provide the following range of services:

  • CV drafting, editing, and trimming along with complete profile building;
  • Conjuring research projects, assisting in securing internships, volunteering avenues and completing online strengthen the candidature;
  • Advising on shortlisting of colleges basis the overall profile so as to enhance the chances of securing offers;
  • Review of the statement of purpose (SOP), essay pieces, responses to Q&As; 
  • Finalising scholarship essays forming part of the applications;
  • Interview preparation (as and when applicable), correspondence with universities on any technical aspects or otherwise, and any other assistance vis-a-vis the entire application process.

Our eccentric structure allows us to utilise our resources in a manner that generates optimum results. Our junior to senior member ratio is substantially low than that of other players in the market, which helps us leverage seasoned experience throughout the entire application process. We limit the quantum and type of applications we assist. We concentrate on applicants that warrant the attention, boundless expertise and sophistication of our team.

We assure you as your personal #DudesofRequirement (if you know, you know) that help will always be given at LLM Wizards to those who ask for it. Be assured that when you do decide, there will be a seat ready on the #HogwartsExpress with your name on it. Hop on with us!

It’s never the lack of resources but the lack of resourcefulness. We, LLM Wizards, are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. Needless to mention, it’s a for-profit organisation and earn we should, but with dignity.